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Saturday, October 21, 2017
A Middle Of The Road Viewpoint

Allen J Duffis - Biography

The author is a Technical Specialist who has traveled to and worked in, for extended periods, over 30 countries.

In this time, he has served as a Development Chemist for a U.S. based international company in Connecticut, and a Technical Director of a company in India for over two years. He was also a partner and Technical Director of a Swiss based international consulting company for six years. And he is the holder of three European patents for plastics chemical processes.

The author and his wife now reside in New Hampshire where he runs a technical consulting company. He is an active Op Ed contributor to various newspapers and magazines

What is a Conservative Independent?

I have been asked that question by my readers many times, for they tend to find this website's title, as well as its content, to be intriguing. Most continue to come back time and again because, for in the most part, they find our take on politics and other matters of interest and concern - different. However, it is time to explain what this website is all about, and where I am coming from as a Conservative Independent. So here goes:

It is our evaluation that most of Middle America is Conservative in their thinking patterns. But conservatism for this group, formerly known as "The Silent Majority" is not the extremism of Neo conservatism, nor is it the extreme Left excesses of Neo liberalism. They are conservative in their thinking pattern, and tend to lean toward the arena of reasonable compromise; a political position generally identified as - Middle of the Road.

They are a core group that in most situations, if given reliable access to non politicized facts and the time to reason and think will, for the most part- take the middle ground. In other words, they are willing to make reasonable gradual compromise to inevitable change, as long as that change is not so dramatic as to impact destructively, their core values or social comfort levels. And because they can think and compromise, more and more are becoming Independent voters. They are the new - Thinking Class.

Secondly, it is our contention that many of the guiding principles of Science can very often be applied to achieve an effective theoretical appraisal of what takes place in the human condition. This is to say not so much for prediction, but rather as an explanation of what often appears to be, in the light of certain incontrovertible facts - incomprehensible human behavior.

Within this realm of future planning we also make judicious application of the greatest engine for future projection ever devised, that being the technically precise, nonpolitical genre of Speculative Fiction, loosely referred to as - Science Fiction. Yes, well written thought provoking and well thought out literate scenarios that heed no social barriers, more often than not written and devised by professionals in the sciences, have proven to be of great value in our pursuit of likely outcomes to social situations in our increasingly chaotic world.

As far back as the late 1950's, there have been many speculative fiction future-projection novels and stories written in intricate detail, laying out many of the problems that plague society today. They have forecast the drug usage revolution and it's impact on society, the rise of the mega corporation and their ability to control the actions of elective governments, and they predicted with incredible accuracy the rapid dissolution of the nuclear family structure, as well as the globalization of American society as frighteningly portrayed in the 1982 film "Blade Runner". And it would be well to remember that the 9-11 disaster was clearly envisioned in speculative novels, many times, decades before it actually occurred. A point toward which I quote the final words of former governor of New Jersey, Thomas Kean, Chairman of the 9-11 committee upon completion of their damning report:

"...The most important failure was one of imagination."

Thirdly, many have noted we very often employ the entirety or specific scenes from well made, scripted and acted motion pictures as part and parcel of our explanation of intensely serious and often difficult to comprehend complex human subjects. This is a matter of communicative choice and what we consider to be one up on the old axiom of 'one picture is worth a thousand words.' A static picture may make a bold statement that cannot be rationalized, but a well crafted theatrical production is far superior at delivering the element of 'understanding and comprehension.' The reason for this being that what people can see, acted out before their eyes, will more often than not move them to place themselves in some part of that scene. When they do so their quotient of understandability will often triple or quadruple. But the most important point is that the cinematic experience, done well, can be understood by the widest range of intelligence levels - often referred to as the audience. In other words, just about everyone participating in the viewing experience will get the point.

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